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On a night when Brett Favre’s record for consecutive regular-season starts finally came to an end, Major League Baseball and pitcher Cliff Lee stole the spotlight.

As one of the hottest free agents on the market this offseason, much of the speculation about Lee’s new home pointed toward the New York Yankees. After all, the Yankees have seemingly had their way in free agency with the ability to throw money at any superstar they thought might help them add to their trophy case. And as expected, after making his way west as far as Seattle and then to Texas, Lee once again decided to head east agreeing to a contract worth over $100 million.

But Lee won’t be making his home in New York. This time, the Yankees lost out in the bidding war over one of MLB’s top hurlers. The kicker is that the Steinbrenners actually got undercut on the deal. Lee left an estimated $30 million on the table so he could return to Philadelphia to team up with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels in what will arguably be pro baseball’s best starting rotation for the 2011 season.


ST. LOUIS — It was bound to happen sooner or later, and Mark McGwire admitted as much in his MLB Network, one-on-one interview with Bob Costas on Monday night.

McGwire told Costas, and for that matter the entire baseball world, that his hiring as the hitting coach of the St. Louis Cardinals without doubt sped up his desire to come clean about using steroids.

And why not? He realized he would have otherwise been harassed endlessly throughout the baseball season by reporters and heckled by fans of opposing teams until he said the words.

But while numerous professional baseball players have admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, have sat through interviews, and have done so much to say and do the right things following their carefully crafted statements, there was something different about McGwire’s admission.

Mark McGwireST. LOUIS — So the season is over and changes were expected in the St. Louis Cardinals’ clubhouse, but things look oddly familiar.

Tony La Russa is still the manager, Dave Duncan is back for another season to continue his mission of turning around the careers of pitching has-beens. And Mark McGwire is wearing a Cardinals uniform.

No, it’s not 2001. But stories from nearly a decade ago are likely to resurface throughout this offseason and into the 2010 campaign.

Hal McRae is out as St. Louis’ hitting coach, and general manager John Mozeliak and principal owner, Bill DeWitt Jr. have brought the former Cardinals slugger back to coach up the hitting abilities of the current Redbirds.