MLB regular season roundup and comparison of predictions

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Baseball, Sports

It’s been awhile, but now might be as good a time as any for Midwestern Banter to return to action. And what better way than to continue talking baseball.

Is it safe to consider an end-of-regular season roundup for Major League Baseball? Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that there will be a one-game playoff to help decide the AL Central.

Thanks to the NFL and the Minnesota Favres, we will have to wait an additional day. But as for preseason predictions, here is how Midwestern Banter fared in picking the 2009 MLB winners.

Preseason picks

American League

Final Standings*

American League

Midwestern Banter took quite a bit of flack from readers and comment posters about this year’s predictions. Though the Chicago Cubs presented their usual collapse, MB decided to give the Northsiders and General Manager Jim Hendry the benefit of the doubt. Like clockwork, the Cubs flopped without even a respectable end-of-season fight. The Cardinals were, however, the MB’s wild card pick.

A link to the original post had been initially included, but all comments have since been deleted by the respective posters – perhaps to save face. Here is one commenter’s post following the initial picks:

“To think the Cardinals are in competition to go anywhere after their 162nd game of the year is not only a stretch, it won’t happen. Wainwright and Carpenter are top of the line pitchers. That’s no secret. Pujols is their offense. Ludwick and Ankiel are are not quality hitters but they will go into an occasional 7-10 day hot streak. In all reality, there is nothing else positive to say about the Cardinals. I do hope the Cardinals exceed your expectations. And I also recommend you do not set yourself up for a lot of disappointment. If you want to see how things will actually turn out, you should read my picks for this season.”

— Jim Skinner

Though Mr. Skinner’s picks were nowhere to be found, it might be safe to assume he is a Cubs fan, or maybe enjoys watching the Pirates or Orioles. Postseason baseball is officially here, but for those disinterested, there’s always football season…or next year.


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