Why the Bears shouldn’t sign Cutler

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Football, Sports
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Jay CutlerDENVER – In no other profession would it be acceptable to laugh in your boss’s face and say, “Sorry, I’m not going to do that.”

In no other profession could you get away with whining your way out of one organization and be accepted into another.

Jerry Angelo has long been committed to quality, good character players and has demonstrated his desire to have only good personalities on his roster. The only exceptions have been situations where he has drafted a player and been too stubborn to admit he made a mistake. So what makes Jay Cutler so attractive to the Bears?

All it will take is one bad day at practice or one bad game for this prima donna from Vanderbilt to decide he isn’t going to play by the rules and make up his own.

All it will take is one negative report by the Chicago media to send Cutler into a frenzy about how he is being disrespected.

If he can’t take the reality of being a part of an organization willing to play by the rules in a league that deals players faster and more often than a deck of casino cards, how will he take the scrutiny of playing for a team with a longstanding losing tradition in the nation’s third-largest media market?

Sure, he might have been lied to or misguided by a new coaching staff unfamiliar to its players – a coaching staff wishing to land a quarterback the new head coach raised and groomed into one of the most talented and promising prospects of the future. But it wasn’t the first time it has ever happened in the professional sports world and will most likely not be the last. Only those inside the Broncos organization and close to the situation know exactly what made the relationship go so sour so quickly. Reports were made public that the Broncos attempted numerous times to reach Cutler via phone calls, and those same reports said he made no attempt to return those calls or to patch up the relationship. It would be certainly hard to believe that as closely as this story has been followed, there are pieces missing that would make Cutler look pure.

The childish and insubordinate way Cutler handled the situation should be a red flag to any organization bidding for his services. The manner in which Cutler dealt with the unfortunate business decision is one typically seen only from wide receivers and over-hyped defensive players.

Cutler is, in fact, one of the fastest rising stars and should be on the radar of a number of teams for that reason. A lot was expected of Cutler in Denver and his accomplishments should be applauded in recognition of making the Pro Bowl so early in his career and doing much more than might be expected of others with so little. By the same token, how much more would he really do with a Bears team that has up to this point done so little to give adequate protection to its quarterback while expecting so much from an undermanned receiving corps.

In the same tone, if Cutler can prove himself as one capable of living up to the hype and thickening his skin in preparation for what will be nothing short of the verbal lashing Chicago fans and media are famous for, the fit might be good for his side of the deal.

Once the organization commits to sending him buckets of cash – which rarely happens with any Chicago professional sports franchise – Cutler would be in a never-ending utopia. Nowhere else will he be able to walk all over a soft coaching staff and front office like Chicago and the Bears organization.


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