T.O. tapped out

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Football, Sports

Terrell OwensIRVING, Tex. – For critics of Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, there was no news more surprising this week than the release of Pacman Jones. He fit in so perfectly with the rest of the media-hogging, self-serving, prima donnas in the Cowboys’ locker room. The Cowboys get more media coverage, at times, than the New York Yankees – which is pretty astonishing at even the thought.

That also makes Dallas a perfect destination for Terrell Owens. He seems so happy. The relationship between him and Tony Romo is supposed to be great, assuming he is being thrown to as often as he deems adequate. T. O. was on his way to finishing his career with America’s Team – until Wednesday. Either the front office is trying to clean up the team’s image, or even. T. O. is beginning to outgrow the Cowboys’ dressing room.

A report on ESPN.com has T.O. soon cleaning out his locker. Sources told ESPN’s Ed Werder that concern is growing daily that Owens might be having a negative impact on receivers like Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton and Marion Barber. But apparently, the idea didn’t even come from the top. It came from Jerry Jones’ son, Stephen. Right now, Bears fans are hoping Stephen Jones is up for adoption.

If Owens is, in fact, released, the Cowboys should be applauded for attempting to move forward with a new team image. Congratulations for finally figuring out that Owens is a virus ready to corrupt any organization he is part of. Certainly, reservation should be taken if for no other reason than not knowing T.O. personally and what his life at home, away from football is truly like. But in good business sense, it just doesn’t do anything for the organization to sign and keep Owens on the roster.

The longer this situation sits, the more likely it is that Owens will not wear a Cowboys uniform next season. The release of Pacman Jones, the speculation of dropping T.O., what’s next? Maybe getting a new stadium is ultimately the reason. A new stadium brings new beginnings and gives Dallas an opportunity for image rebuilding as well as team rebuilding. The most pressing issue coming out of this whole situation, however, isn’t who the Cowboys will get to replace Owens, but what critics will find next as their primary reason to root against America’s Team.

  1. JayVee says:

    TO is a cancer. He ruins every team he touches.

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