Babich slowly being voted out of (Halas) Hall

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Football, Sports
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Bob BabichLAKE FOREST – Just when Jerry Angelo started to make a bit of sense by hiring a proven guy to help coach his defense, he and coach Lovie Smith surprised us all by offering another glimmer of reassurance that they can, in fact, operate as a slightly intelligent duo.

Rather than completely relieving Bob Babich of his Defensive Coordinator duties, he was demoted Tuesday…sort of. Babich has been named coach of the linebackers and was told he will retain his Defensive Coordinator title. The catch is that he won’t really be coordinating the defense. Instead, Smith will take over defensive play calling – something he should have been doing all along. Apparently he will need to keep his headset for next season after all. Maybe this means he will actually use it.

Everything is beginning to make sense. No one honestly expected Babich to get fired after last season, but if he’s smart, he has already begun dusting off his resume. Buddy Bob is Lovie’s friend, so of course he’s not going to get the immediate axe. But hopefully everyone else sees through Angelo’s plan, or at least the way it appears to be playing out.

With the hiring of Rod Marinelli and the fact that the Bears gave him the title of Assistant Coach/Defensive Line Coach, the writing is on the wall that changes are in the works following next season. Regardless of end result in 2009, Babich is going to once again be demoted, this time officially being relieved of his Defensive Coordinator duties which will make way for Marinelli to take over as Coordinator. Then all will be right in the world of the Bears. With Marinelli and Smith sharing defensive play calling duties and a few personnel changes, there is no reason the Bears shouldn’t soon be competing for the top spot in the NFC. The conference is annually up for grabs and it isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Still, one has to question why these changes weren’t made sooner.

Oh yeah, and while the mood is positive, why not go ahead and begin steps to bolster that receiving corps for next season.


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