BEIJING – Boxing isn’t one of the most popular Olympic sports to watch. In fact, with many fans migrating toward MMA, it might be hard to convince even lifelong boxing fans that the sport is popular outside of international and world championship events.

But after watching nearly a week of boxing in Beijing, even the most casual fan has to be totally appalled with the way the IOC and other officials are handling this year’s tournament. By this point, it has to be clear even to the Chinese athletes, that there is an obvious slant in the biases of the judges and the way points are given. While the Chinese have been getting away with running, holding, and being awarded points after being on the receiving end of punches, Mexicans, Americans, Russians, (fill in your favored nationality or homeland) are left with their collective hands waiving in the air and jaws on the floor wondering how it might be possible for their country’s representative to score a point.

The Chinese and the judges scoring these bouts should be ashamed of themselves and, if they have even an ounce of civil blood flowing through their veins, are hopefully lying in bed each night tossing and turning in realization that they are dashing the dreams of Olympians who have trained years for this very opportunity.

What the IOC is allowing them to do is, frankly, make a mockery of the sport and throw the games. Point shaving in boxing is nothing new, but if the IOC has any dignity, it will step in and find the source of the problem. Otherwise, it should be completely understandable if the Chinese and the IOC begin to feel a backlash as a result of virtually throwing the 2008 Games. </span

Entering this year’s Games, there was a sense of hope and unity. Even some of the biggest doubters were able to see through the Beijing smog, giving a chance the possibility that with progress being made amidst the world’s struggles, these Games could, in fact, bring people from combating countries together if nothing more than for a couple weeks of friendly competition. But after coming clean about the lies that were the opening ceremony fireworks, being too ashamed of a girl’s appearance – regardless of how beautiful her voice might have been – to show her on tv, and now obvious efforts to help the Chinese seem like virtual giants in the sporting world, there are only a few words that can be used to describe what would otherwise be a sports fanatic’s dream: Frustrating, disgusting, ugly, disappointing, and shameful.   




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