Note to fans: Team from Green Bay is Packers, not “Favres”

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Football, Sports
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GREEN BAY – The constant banter over Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets is quite frankly becoming tiresome. But as old as that story might be, perhaps the most nauseating piece of the whole drama that has consumed the NFL’s smallest city is the bitterness of Packers fans. Get over it, people. It’s time to get past Favre’s indecisiveness and get on with your team.

Are you truly that much in love with a guy you have never personally met and dragged you along for a ride during the most recent offseasons? (He owns you, by the way, and you have proven that by showing your frustration.) Or are you just frustrated that you no longer have a quarterback that dwarfs the abilities of the others in the NFC North? If the team in the city the size of a stadium was called the Green Bay Favres, your constant whining might be a bit more understandable. But at last glance, there was a “G” on every one of those yellow helmets, and all of the merchandise dawns the moniker “Packers” – not “Bretts” or “Favres”. And the fact that you have already turned on your new starting quarterback is frankly disturbing and shouldn’t be tolerated – especially in a place you, yourselves, have dubbed Title Town.

With the Packers’ first preseason game upon us tonight – ironically against the Cincinnati Bengals, the same team against which Favre made his Packers debut as a starter – ESPN mics will no doubt be focused in on chants of “Favre” or “We want Brett!” Green Bay fans have voiced their collective opinions throughout the offseason in disagreement of the direction the Packers front office has chosen to go. The best case scenario for Aaron Rodgers is to quickly quiet the Green Bay…err…Favre faithful by reminding the Packers why he was drafted in 2005. Then he can finish out his contract and cash in on a big payday with another team whose fans will do a better job of respecting him as an NFL quarterback.

Rodgers hasn’t yet proven himself as an elite signal caller at the professional level, but he is arguably one of the most educated after playing for years behind a future Hall of Famer like Favre.

True fans of the Cheese shouldn’t expect a championship in ‘08-’09, but what Rodgers should expect is a bit of respect and constructive criticism. It could be worse. Your head coach and General Manager could be flipping coins to determine which quarterback is going to practice with the first team during training camp.


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