MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost cued up the music just in time for Miller Park to erupt into the biggest dance party east of the Quad Cities. Parachute pants, big bangs and body suits – yes, those body suits – filled the crowd…

OK, that’s not what happened. But if the Brewers newest acquisition comes even close to doing his fans a service in Chicago’s biggest suburb, he’ll tell the PA announcer to play Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) every time he approaches the plate for his much anticipated at bats.

CC Sabathia is now a Brewer, and while his trade from the Indians sent a jolt of energy through the Milwaukee fan base, it’s definitely gonna make the Cubs and Cardinals sweat.

The NL Central, already boasting the National League’s three top teams, just got a bit stronger. Just when it seemed like the Cubs were Takin’ Over, the Brew Crew pulled into contention and added to the list of Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….

Alright, enough with the C+C Music Factory references. All joking aside, there might not be a better one-two punch in the NL Central than Sabathia and Ben Sheets. Cubs fans might argue that Carlos Zambrano and either Ryan Dempster or Ted Lilly would make a better duo, but it’s simply not true. The consistency isn’t there, and even Big Z has started to turn into the often frustrated, Red Bull chugging beast that everyone got to know so well last season.

The Cubs are expected to make a move and will likely grab another pitcher. But the Cardinals haven’t even hinted at the idea of adding anyone to their roster. The question is whether or not making a trade is really necessary. Very few people, including the experts, expected St. Louis to even come close to fighting for a spot in the upper half of the Division. Now, the Cardinals find themselves only 3.5 games out of first place behind the Cubs, while the Brewers are percentage points away at 4 games back. The finger can only point in one direction, and that is to the mastermind behind the curtain, Tony La Russa. The Cubs, on the other hand, are simply stacked from top to bottom and might be hard to dethrone.

If the Cardinals can keep pace, the race will only get more interesting as the season draws to its conclusion. The three teams will combine to play a total of 25 games against each other in the final three months including a three-game series on the final weekend that sends the Cubs to Milwaukee.

Regardless of how the Division race ends up, it should be fun to watch Sabathia and Prince Fielder fight over who gets to wear the largest pair of parachute pants every made. Let’s just hope they stay away from the body suits.


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