Yankees Fans Turn on Newfound Friend

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Baseball, Sports
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NEW YORK – Hank Steinbrenner might have some competition. And Joba, don’t worry. As long as the east coast temperatures stay high, Yankees fans might not care how bad your outings are or how long it takes to stretch out your starts.

Yankees fans made news outside of baseball when their attention shifted from the game to the weather. Disgusted from the ridiculous heat given off by the sun, fans from the Bronx made a new friend in the rather curious cloud that decided to cover up the baseball fans’ newest rival. Just when the sun went into hiding, Yankee Stadium erupted in a chorus of cheers.

But moments later, in true New York fashion, fans began booing the very cloud they made friends with when it decided to give the sun a better view of the stadium.

While the sun might have ruined the game experience by casting not only a bright light on the field, but also contributing to scorching temperatures, it was the cloud that received the most severe negative reaction. Just when it decided to help out the fans by giving them a break – albeit brief – from the bright blasts of light, Yankees fans grew impatient and were quickly dissatisfied by its eventual lack of production. The fans might hate that particular cloud, but one can only imagine it gained a new friend in Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod no doubt knew exactly how the cloud felt when the fans that so briefly praised it, soon turned their backs on their temporary savior by greeting it with ominous boos.

One can only picture the scene of A-Rod and Mr. Cloud huddled over a counter covered with empty pint-sized glasses at the local brewery while sharing stories of hatred and heckling from the hometown fans.


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